Project 1

Water & Concrete

Visiting Brion Cemetery:

The poetry of Brion cemetery lies in the ephemeral qualities of life and Carlo Scarpa translated those same qualities into the architecture through the use of water: the subtle changes in the water created an awareness of the passing of time, constantly flowing and alive. The water stream gently eroding the concrete served as a reminder of the precariousness of the architecture and an otherwise strong material could be appreciated under a fragile light. All these qualities created a sense of tranquillity and seemed to be in balance with the delicate nature of the space.

Concrete Fountain model inspired by Brion Cemetery

Visiting Walmer Yard

Peter Salter

Fragment of an artist’s studio to explore Formworks

Reading space for the artists

Library to protect the Roman walls

Cafe underneath the artists' workshop

Plan drawings to show circulation

Short section of the artist studio

Long section of the studio going through the library