Project 2

Walsall New Art Gallery

One of the most important aspects of the building is its relationship to the city; the careful placements of the windows give visitors an awareness of being part of a bigger picture, an urban regeneration project, framing specific views of the city and highlighting its history.

The gallery stands at opposite sides of St. Matthews church introducing a clear beginning and end to the city centre.

The orientation and positioning of the building is governed by the church and they share other similarities, they have a civic ordering to the design, the tall tower of the gallery resembles the tower of the church, the stairs leading to the top floor of the gallery are not dissimilar to the stairs going up the hill to St Matthews church. They overlook each other from a similar height, the two most important landmarks of the city reflecting the other, the traditional and clerical contrasted in harmony by the new and glorifying, emphasising the city’s past and its hope for the future.

On the second floor, the gallery for the permanent collection is found,

and it’s essentially a house within a house.

The domestic atmosphere is felt through the creaking timber floorboards,

the low ceilings, small gallery rooms,

and side lighting.

The spaces meant for temporary exhibitions, by contrast, have high ceilings,

concrete floorboards, and top lighting.

The building is brought together by the wooden panels that run across the

ceilings, walls, and stairs, the rich brown colours bring an element

of warmth to the building.

The journey from Walsall New Art Gallery to the Church:

How they relate and respond to one another

Journey from the entrance into the building

Public & Private

Model of new entrance into the gallery

Concept model exploring thresholds and the

experience of journeying into a space

Technical model of a boat making workshop

Concept model exploring various spaces in the workshop

Interior view of the workshop

Interior view of the private quarters

Long section across the workshop

Ground floor plan view